Day 2: 6/26/12

26 Jun

Eric and I were up bright and early today … using every inch of counter space to prepare our yummy breakfast meals. Eric makes a protein shake to get his day started (looked yummy!).

I had my carrot, apple, and ginger juice … so good!

Lunch will be the same “mean green” juice that I enjoyed last night for dinner.

= = =


Lunch was good. The juice I made the evening before was still very good (took it to work, drank it in between classes I taught).

For dinner … I had (it was good … almost tasted like a bloody mary):

  • celery
  • cucumber
  • kale
  • tomatoes
  • ginger
  • lemon

And … as a little snack (while I was making the next day’s breakfast and lunch), I had a mini juice of apple + orange + grapes.

Tomorrow’s breakfast will be oranges + apples + grapes

…and lunch will be a nice helping of celery + cucumber + kale + tomatoes + ginger + lemon

I feel great and have had no adverse effects at all. No headache, no sprints to the restroom … the first two days have been a pleasure.

I feel like I’ve already lost a pound or two … I’ll probably weigh myself in the morning to see what Mister Scale has to say.


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