Day 28: 7/22/12

22 Jul

O  M  G

I am almost done! I definitely feel like I have accomplished something valuable. Valuable to my health and my future. I know that the last (almost) 30 days have planted the seeds for continued and lasting success in my goal to eat and live better. Lat night, we enjoyed the company of some friends at a local amusement place (not really a park … a place called Frankie’s Fun Park). We had a great time … and even though I was surrounded by greasy food, piles of cheesy fries, ribs, pizza and cake … I was not tempted in the least to dive in. Turning down the food was easy. The funny part was the looks on people’s faces when I told them I was on a juice-fast. One guy seated nearby … with about three pounds of ribs on his plate and dripping down his chin rolled his eyes and shook his head when he overheard I was doing something amazing for my health. I laughed inside … I felt GREAT about myself and about what I was doing at that moment.

And … drum roll please … I weighed 186.5 this morning … that’s over 23 pounds so far! 🙂


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