Day 30 … Here Early :-)

22 Jul

Even though my official 30th day isn’t until Tuesday … I decided to break my fast with this evening’s supper. Four weeks … 28 days … and plus … the bananas and peaches were calling my name today at Harris Teeter.

I carefully cleaned and sliced a peach and pealed a perfectly-ripened banana … and dove in. And … oh my God … they tasted amazing. You know … like fruit used to taste when you were a kid on a Summer day … when your mom would call you away from the sprinklers and hand you a slice of watermelon … THAT good!


What an amazing month it has been. I thought it was going to be a struggle … but wow … it has been a pleasure!

Here is a summary of my weight-loss stats:

  • Weight one week before the fast when I changed diet: 215 lb
  • Weight on first day of juice fast: 210 lb
  • Today’s weight (after 28 day juice fast): 186 lb
  • Total weight loss: 29 lb


Tomorrow begins a new lifelong journey of eating well. I still want to lose about ten pounds … which I’m giving myself another month to accomplish (by my birthday) … wish me luck!

My new nutritional goals:

  • Still juice a few times a week … will likely have a juice every morning for breakfast for a while
  • Eat a whole foods, low fat, plant-based diet
  • No dairy
  • no added oils
  • no animal protein

Thanks y’all for joining me on my journey … and please keep in touch!



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