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One week later…

22 Apr

Howdy doo!

Here we are after my one week juice fast … feeling great and weighing nine pounds less than last week 🙂

This fast was a PIECE OF CAKE since I was already eating a vegan diet. Not one hint of even the slightest discomfort 🙂 Starting with today’s lunch, I will go back to my whole foods (no animal, no oil, no dairy, no added sugar, no processed foods, etc.) diet as we prepare for a fun 5K in June.



Five Great Vegi Juicing Tips

21 Apr

Five Great Vegi Juicing Tips

I found this great article today … I follow all of these recommendations … stay green!


Juicing with Joe!

15 Apr

Juicing with Joe!

I’m sure I’ve posted this before … but this is a really good site … explains juicing / rebooting / etc. really well. And yeah … if you’re considering a reboot, make sure to watch the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead video too 🙂

I’mmmmm back!

15 Apr

Hi y’all.

Starting another juice fast today 🙂

Since August I have been following a plant-strong diet with lots of veggies, fruit, beans … with only the occasional meals with oil and cheese here and there (mainly when we go out and I forgot to make a special request).

Just because it feels good … I’m starting another juice fast today. I’m glad to say that I don’t have any “bad habits” to break or significant “de-tox” hopes … just a desire to maximize the intake of some yummy micronutrients through juicing.

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