Several weeks ago, I had my annual physical examination. And … I heard the same things I always hear. “You are in overall excellent health … but you may want to start eating better and exercising more since you have a family history of weight management, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Type-2 diabetes.”

I have been working-out on and off forever, and I’ve had periods of healthy eating here and there. But, I have not been able to make the commitment to a completely healthy lifestyle … until now.

Since my medical exam, I have watched a few documentaries that have motivated me to take this plunge. I highly recommend them:

They all have their own message … but a common thread is that vegetables rock! Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead made the strongest impact on me … and I am following its lead on  my fast.

For the next 30 days, I will not chew! I will only consume vegetable and fruit juices. This will cleans, detox, and repair my body’s cells with micronutrients … rebuilding my body from the inside out.

I bought my juicer (the Jack LeLanne Power Juicer) and made my first trip to the grocery (which will be an every-three-days activity).

OK … wish me luck y’all. According to a few articles I’ve read and what my doctor told me, I could expect some headaches and some tummy grumbling during the first few days of this. This is a great article on what is actually going to happen inside me while I’m dong this (http://www.juicefasting.org/detox.htm).



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