Plant-Strong WORKS

23 Sep

Hey y’all … like I mentioned at the end of my juice fast, I decided to follow a plant-strong, no-dairy, no oil, no animal protein diet.

And … wow … it is working very well. Since I ended the fast, I have been following the Engine 2 Diet (which is based on the Forks Over Knives research … WATCH FORKS OVER KNIVES … it can save your life).

Here’s a quick before and after comparison … The first pic was taken in early July and the after pic just a couple of days ago. Weight loss continues and I truly feel amazing 🙂

I still want to lose about ten pounds … then … how about getting my six-pack back?!





Day 30 … Here Early :-)

22 Jul

Even though my official 30th day isn’t until Tuesday … I decided to break my fast with this evening’s supper. Four weeks … 28 days … and plus … the bananas and peaches were calling my name today at Harris Teeter.

I carefully cleaned and sliced a peach and pealed a perfectly-ripened banana … and dove in. And … oh my God … they tasted amazing. You know … like fruit used to taste when you were a kid on a Summer day … when your mom would call you away from the sprinklers and hand you a slice of watermelon … THAT good!


What an amazing month it has been. I thought it was going to be a struggle … but wow … it has been a pleasure!

Here is a summary of my weight-loss stats:

  • Weight one week before the fast when I changed diet: 215 lb
  • Weight on first day of juice fast: 210 lb
  • Today’s weight (after 28 day juice fast): 186 lb
  • Total weight loss: 29 lb


Tomorrow begins a new lifelong journey of eating well. I still want to lose about ten pounds … which I’m giving myself another month to accomplish (by my birthday) … wish me luck!

My new nutritional goals:

  • Still juice a few times a week … will likely have a juice every morning for breakfast for a while
  • Eat a whole foods, low fat, plant-based diet
  • No dairy
  • no added oils
  • no animal protein

Thanks y’all for joining me on my journey … and please keep in touch!



Engine 2 Diet 28-Day Challenge

22 Jul

Now that I have [almost] finished my juice fast, there is no way I’m going to goop up all of my hard work. It’s time for a “plant-strong” diet. I already know what poor eating and nutrition will do … I am convinced that both of my parents died earlier than they should have because of their diet. It’s time to make a change … and this looks like a great way to go!

Day 28: 7/22/12

22 Jul

O  M  G

I am almost done! I definitely feel like I have accomplished something valuable. Valuable to my health and my future. I know that the last (almost) 30 days have planted the seeds for continued and lasting success in my goal to eat and live better. Lat night, we enjoyed the company of some friends at a local amusement place (not really a park … a place called Frankie’s Fun Park). We had a great time … and even though I was surrounded by greasy food, piles of cheesy fries, ribs, pizza and cake … I was not tempted in the least to dive in. Turning down the food was easy. The funny part was the looks on people’s faces when I told them I was on a juice-fast. One guy seated nearby … with about three pounds of ribs on his plate and dripping down his chin rolled his eyes and shook his head when he overheard I was doing something amazing for my health. I laughed inside … I felt GREAT about myself and about what I was doing at that moment.

And … drum roll please … I weighed 186.5 this morning … that’s over 23 pounds so far! 🙂

Day 25: 7/19/12

19 Jul

Hey there everyone.

Another green day in paradise … hee hee.

A quick check-in to let you know that I’m still doing great on my juice-fast. For the last few days though I have been feeling the symptoms of a head cold. I’m not sure if it’s a cold … or just my internal healing machine doing a number on my respiratory system. I don’t “feel” sick per se. You know, no fever, no chills, no body aches. I had some back pain yesterday, but that was likely due to me teaching all day.

Today … my back feels fine, but my runny nose is still hanging around.

I went to bed earlier than normal the last two night just in case I am dealing with a cold.

So … anyway … juice on!

The strawberries I bought have been a wonderful addition to my meals … I need to get some more if they’re still on sale! Today’s lunch will be a big ol’ pile of collards, cucumber, carrots, and some apple, lemon, orange, and mango, too.

And … I almost forgot … I weighed myself today. I’m at 189 pounds. Woo Hoo!

And … I’m running out of wearable pants … I wish I had a buddy who worked at Macy’s or Belk!


30-Day Juice Fast With Steven Robalino

18 Jul

30-Day Juice Fast With Steven Robalino

Day 23: 7/17/12

17 Jul

Here I go … my final week!

Strawberries are on sale … so I bought a couple of baskets and will be enjoying them for the next couple of days 🙂

I think I will weigh again tomorrow … regardless of what the scale reads, I’m incredibly pleased with the results and progress I have made. It’s about overall health and wellness; not about a number anymore.

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