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Day 15: 7/9/12

9 Jul

Another wonderful (and healthy) day!

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.  ~Thomas A Edison


Day 13: 7/7/12

7 Jul

Hi hi … OK, so this has nothing to do with juicing … but it’s cool. We visited the new Nature Research Center in Raleigh. Very cool place … you should go 🙂

And yes … today was another wonderful day full of juice. While grocery shopping today, I made it a point to buy locally-grown produce. It was a bit more expensive, but it’s nice knowing these foods were on the vine longer and were allowed to ripen naturally, instead of being picked before ripe in some other state and sprayed with ethylene gas while on their way to the market.

And for “dessert” … yumm yummmm yummmyyyy cantelope, plums, and apple juice. What a treat!

Day 12: 7/6/12

6 Jul

Still losing weight … still feeling great … and my pants are falling off of my butt. My weight this morning was 196.5. That’s almost 14 pounds so far … even more if you count my pre-fast prep time.

My lunchtime juice today was so colorful. Romain lettuce, celery, apple, orange, ginger root, tomatoes, and plums … I love me some plums!

And … OMG … I watched Food Inc. last night. Even if only half of the data are true, our food industry is in a heck of a mess.

Day 8: 7/2/12 (Week Two Begins!)

2 Jul

Good morning, fellow juicing enthusiasts!

Everything is still going very well … I have become an expert at “eye-balling” a pile of produce … and am able to predict how much juice it will make. The first few days, I was making too little … or too much juice. But now, I know which fruits and veggies produce a lot of juice … and those that don’t.

The way you chop / roll / and sequence the food into the juicer’s chute matters too … it’s all really fun actually. Clean up has finally become easier too.

We had a mini power outage yesterday and it occurred to me that no power = no juicer = no juice. It may be wise (since we are expecting more super-hot weather this week) to freeze a batch of Green Juice just in case.

Today’s breakfast and lunch:

  • apples, oranges, carrots
  • kale, collards, cucumber, carrots, apple, ginger root, red bell pepper

Day 5: 6/29/12

29 Jun


I can’t believe I’m on my fifth day already. I was a little anxious when I started … dreading the side affects and getting through the first few days. But heck … it has been an absolute pleasure. I feel great, have lots of energy (even for daily workouts at the gym), am sleeping great, and I am starting to notice my weight loss!

This morning’s weigh-in was 203.5. Here’s a little graph that shows my weight since June 17 (from an app on my  phone called TargetWeight by tactio). The 17th was nine days before I started juicing. During that period, I prepared my system for what was about to come … by eating better (salads, less meat, more water, etc.) I followed the advice provided by the folks at Join the Reboot. I’m thinking that’s why I have had such a great experience so far. I’ve actually lost about ten pounds since that date!




Nothing better than a nice refreshing Green Juice over ice when it’s 104 degrees outside. A wonderful dinner made in seven minutes without turning on the stove/oven 🙂



Ahh … treating myself to an apple + clementine + grapes juice.

It’s like a glass of “perky!”

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