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Day 5: 6/29/12

29 Jun


I can’t believe I’m on my fifth day already. I was a little anxious when I started … dreading the side affects and getting through the first few days. But heck … it has been an absolute pleasure. I feel great, have lots of energy (even for daily workouts at the gym), am sleeping great, and I am starting to notice my weight loss!

This morning’s weigh-in was 203.5. Here’s a little graph that shows my weight since June 17 (from an app on my  phone called TargetWeight by tactio). The 17th was nine days before I started juicing. During that period, I prepared my system for what was about to come … by eating better (salads, less meat, more water, etc.) I followed the advice provided by the folks at Join the Reboot. I’m thinking that’s why I have had such a great experience so far. I’ve actually lost about ten pounds since that date!




Nothing better than a nice refreshing Green Juice over ice when it’s 104 degrees outside. A wonderful dinner made in seven minutes without turning on the stove/oven 🙂



Ahh … treating myself to an apple + clementine + grapes juice.

It’s like a glass of “perky!”

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